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About me

My background:
I started my career as an account, followed up by some years as finance controller and now I have dedicated my work 100 % to Business Intelligence.

I found this combination very useful, cause of the combination of IT and business skills. I have unique experience in what the business wants and how to deliver this with Business Intelligence.

In 2010 I started working with QlikView, and today I have experience in some of the largest and most complex QlikView installations in my region, measured either in data volume and number of users.

I loved to be involved in all processes from planning, ETL, frontend to feedback from the users. And I have experience in all phases.

In my work as consultant I have created business intelligence solutions in the following business area:
- Finance (profit and balance) reporting
- Cash flow analysis
- Purchase analysis
- Inventory analysis
- Retail sales and basket analysis
- Production analysis
- Member subscriptions analysis
- WEB statistic with Google Analytics
- Newsletter feedback analysis

Software knowledge:
- QlikView
- Microsoft Integration services
- Microsoft Analysis services
- Microsoft Reporting services
- Microsoft Excel