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I am an engineer & Director at Sytec where I lead with a key objective, to prove that good engineering always reduces a combination of complexity, risk and cost. I am always willing to offer a 2nd opinion, please feel welcome to get in touch.

Day to day, I enjoy leading a team of friendly, enthusiastic and competent network engineers & IT technicians, and I am responsible for delivering technical programme management where;

I listen to customers,
challenge & support the project team,
develop new business relationships, and
ultimately remain accountable to every customer and the Sytec team.

Sytec is a Salisbury based, IT support company offering a managed IT and customer centric service.

We work to take responsibility for the systems that we manage and maintain, delivering IT skills from both block hour and managed service agreements.

I advocate that, "the proof of good engineering is cost reducing over time"; thus poorly implemented systems are difficult to understand, expensive to manage, often overrun and always cost more than promised.

To find out more about Sytec, or to get a 2nd opinion, please feel welcome to get in touch.

Thanks, Gareth