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Job function
Business Manager (Exco level) & Executive Director
Company size
51-200 Employees
Years of experience
10+ years
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15+ years financial line management experience, management accounting and financial management
15+ years SAP experience, team lead, functional specialist, abap developer, security and authorisations and BI
15+ years blue chip corporate experience
5+ years project management experience
Preparing for SAP HANA certification

Excellent overall understanding of business processes across a large number of industries.
Significant experience in Finance, Production and Manufacturing, Logistics and Marketing

Leadership style: Specialising in Transformational leadership to make projects succeed.

Area of significant interest: In-memory processing of big-data to deliver superior decision support to executive management

I am keeping up to date with contemporary management styles and technologies via on-line courses and certifications.
During Q4/2012 I have done on-line refresher courses in:
1) Project management
2) Excel 2010 (to update my knowledge on all the new features)
3) MSAccess 2010 (to update my knowledge on all the new features)
4) Programming/Web programming: PHP, SQL and Python