Job function
BMC TrueSight & PATROL Consultant
Company size
51-200 Employees
Years of experience
10+ years
Company name
World Opus Technologies
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ITIL Certified by ISEB
PMP Certified by PMI
PATROL-CE Certified by BMC Software
OCP Certified by Oracle
Trainer Certification from Peak Potentials

As a subject matter expert since 1995, I specialize in implementation, customization, and training of the following product lines:

BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management (BPPM)
BMC Event Manager (BEM)
BMC Service Impact Manager (SIM)
BMC Portal

What set me apart from others:

1) My best practice always keeps your total cost of ownership in mind. My clients need only half the operations support staff comparing to other organizations with similar sizes.

2) My proprietary extensions to BMC products make many custom-developed features out of box.

3) I have worked for BMC Software as a developer for 5 years and I can develop any customization and integrate BPPM with any monitoring or ticketing software from any vendor or home-grown.

4) I teach advanced training courses not available from BMC Education including MRL and PSL development as well as 3rd-party software integration.


* Implementation & Upgrade
-- BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management (BPPM)
-- BMC Portal

* Migration
-- BMC Event Manager (BEM) to BPPM
-- PATROL Enterprise Manager (PEM) to BPPM
-- BMC Portal to BMC PATROL

* Custom Development
-- PATROL Knowledge Modules
-- BPPM/BEM Cell Rules
-- Event and Data Adapters using scripts, SNMP traps, and emails

* Integration
-- From 3rd-party event/data sources to BPPM/PATROL
-- From BPPM/PATROL to 3rd-party ticketing systems

* Training
-- Administration
-- Implementation
-- Development
-- Integration

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