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Camoai as co-founder and ECM-BPM senior consultant since 2012-01.
Also involved in business and partnership development, finding new customers and hiring new colleagues.
We currently are moving towards Digital Transformation, bringing Cloud solutions to our customers, using Office 365 and Google Apps with one of our partners.
A specific team in Camoai works on BPM projects, specially in IT Transformation projects, using Aris or Casewise.
Previously (2009-01) I worked at Ubik-Ingéneirie ( ) as ECM consultant and Project Director.
I am involved in ECM projects, using Sharepoint 201/2013 and Content Server.
I previously owned a little consulting company, focused on E-Learning, Knowledge Management, and ECM projects.
In the first part of my professionnal life, I had exciting experiences as a sales rep and sales manager.

Specialties: Focused on managing Enterprise Content Management projects, both on organisationnal and techical issues. Convinced that sponsorship and change management are the key success factor in every project. Good knowledge in Livelink, Sharepoint and Alfresco solutions. solutions

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments
Knowledge Management Project

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