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Hi, you could try reaching out to someone at Eidsiva Breiband; I know they are working on implementing the BizAgi BPM-suite into their broadband network services. ( , see the section "Nett og Tjeneste Utvikling (NTU)") Best…
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About me

In early 2001, I graduated high school, specialized in computers/office machines, and started working as a computer technician for Elkjøp Norge in Kristiansand. Shortly after, I was hired into Enitsør, a telecom company developing fiber broadband products, to administer their servers and network. When the company in 2003 changed name to Ella Kommunikasjon, I was taking part in establishing an xDSL-platform and testing out IPTV and VoIP products on regular phone lines. The platform and the 12000 established customers were sold to NextGenTel in 2006, and I was the dedicated resource for both planning and scripting the end-user equipment to be used by the new owner.

With the renewed focus on pure fiber technology, the company was rebranded into LOS Bynett, and a new CRM-system, Brikks, was chosen to support the expanding growth of residential customers. Using BPMN to model the business processes, I was able to create a well-defined basis that was used to develop both the system and the employees to support the value chain. Later, as Brikks came ready for use, I was leading and performing the migration of customers, services and equipment into the system.

Since 2008, I have continued my path as a solution architect; leading and performing software development projects, modelling business processes, developing databases, electronic workflows, information systems and collaboration portals, building business intelligence and training employees.

LOS Bynett was purchased by Telenor Norge in 2012, leading to the termination of the regional office in Kristiansand. This has given me the opportunity to take my dedication for structure and efficiency one step further, as I am now working as a senior consultant and solution architect for Vivento in the Oslo region.

I have, besides my full time job, completed additional education and achieved a degree in business economy and a bachelor degree in information systems development.