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Johan Louwers has been working as an developer, administrator, manager, project manager, senior consultant and senior architect within several IT companies and IT departments. Specialised around Oracle technology and infrastructure technology and strategy he has been advising and actively been working with a large range of internal and external customers and companies to help enterprises excel in there day to day operations and provide them with cutting edge technology and solutions.

Currently Johan Louwers is working at Capgemini in several roles where is providing advice towards a large range of customers as a senior consultant and senior architect. Specialised in Oracle technology, infrastructure solutions and cloud computing Johan Louwers has been selected by Capgemini to be one of the 120 global Capgemini Experts and thought leaders and from this role he has joined the Capgemini global expert connect program to be able to play a role with the Capgemini global customer base on provide active advise and support towards enterprise around the globe.

Next to his role within Capgemini as a senior consultant, senior architect and Capgemini Expert Johan spearheads the Capgemini cloud initiatives around Oracle Run, a cloud based hosting platform specifically designed within the Capgemini datacenters to provide a Oracle optimised cloud platform towards customers based upon Oracle VM, Oracle Linux and Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Besides his role within his current company Johan actively maintains a blog,, and is he an active developer and researcher in the fields of big-data, map-reduce, hadoop, HDFS, Linux technology and datacenter optimalisation this next to a interest in security, database technology and open source technology. An overall technology geek and enthusiast.