Deploy Windows 10 based Laptops to Teachers and

Project Description

Deploy Windows 10 based Laptops to Teachers and students

Take windows 1509 update, create a customized start menu test group policies in this area and deliver new Lenovo Yoga X1 laptops to teachers in the school and deliver 350 Lenovo Miix700s to students.

This required engaging with a consultant over a period of time to tweak the W10 Start menu and other features, apply new restrictions via group policy, pilot the solution, and then release final version.

The classrooms were fitted with Lenovo one link docks to connect to our fleet of Epson projectors in the classrooms. Every aspect of the project delivery where there was bound to be "operator error " were anticipated ( as humanly as possible) solutions thought out and tested on windows 10 and the associated school infrastructure.

The implementation was a success. Two days after rolling out these machines were working seamlessly. Our engagement was with EACS to deliver the SCCM and GPO aspects of the project. As has been the case in the past with our EACS engagements, the project was completed on schedule. 

End to end it was a 7 month project mainly delayed by lack of information about W10 tweaks and GPOs that we had to keep tweaking until we hit a sweet point. Had Microsoft published more specific information more regularly then the project would have been shorter.

Lessons Learned

Not use Lenovo Yoga X1 for the teachers! The delicate machines have little chance in the hands of teachers. They are not built to the same ruggedness as one would come to expect from Lenovo. i would also re-consider the use of one link docks which are failing at an alarming rate.


support from colleagues
on budget
on agreed time scales


equipment incompatibility
steep learning curve
large no. of people impacted

Technologies Used

Technical Skills Used

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