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My name is Frazer Lewis and my company specialises in helping businesses in London and the South-East to operate more effectively using a combination of business process improvement and the Salesforce CRM system.

We focus on understanding your business workflows, identifying ways to make improvements and then delivering a solution using the world class Salesforce platform that achieves one or more of the following benefits:

* Gain a 360 degree company view with a centralised database that records interactions with business prospects
* Free up valuable time by automating labour intensive tasks
* Improve data quality and accuracy across the business by standardising processes and workflows
* Track key metrics via dashboards and reports that show you what's happening right now
* Access data on the move using mobile devices
* Work smarter by knowledge sharing with colleagues

As a boutique consultancy practice, we focus on working with clients that share our ethos and commitment to undertaking projects in a way that guarantees a successful outcome. We are able to punch above our weight by assembling a bespoke team of experts from our extensive network that have the precise skills required for your project.

Our services cover business process analysis and improvement, project management, solution design and delivery, structured testing and training, data analysis and migration,systems integration and bespoke development.

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