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Because I believe processes and systems grease the engine that creates business prosperity, I founded AllianceTek in 2004 after playing a leading role in technology development at several financial institutions, such as Advanta and Bisys.

The inspiration for AllianceTek came when I discovered that companies were struggling to reap maximum benefits from information technology due to gaps in development teams’ skill sets. Now AllianceTek is that ideal team.

With a Masters in Software Engineering from Penn State plus a business degree, I can translate business needs into technology solutions and technical-jargon into everyday English. I enjoy working with a wide-range of people: chief executive officers, chief technology officers, business managers, entrepreneurs, software vendors and more.

AllianceTek’s growth to an international organization, employing over 100 people, is due to my team’s ability to identify optimal combinations of leading-edge technology platforms to help clients reduce waste and enhance profitability.

I believe businesses are ecosystems that only thrive when they’re in balance. So my mission is to help unlock business potential by guiding you on how to align your people, processes and systems for growth.

Technology officers are often challenged to keep up with rapidly changing technology. We can partner with you to leverage the latest technologies: Microsoft SharePoint, .Net, and Business Intelligence; cloud computing, social CRM, e3 e-learning, HTML5, mobile and many more.

If you’re a software vendor, we can help you to breathe new life into your software by harnessing the power of next generation technology such as cloud and mobile.

Finally, we can help entrepreneurs who have an idea for an application to bring their vision to life, assisting with scoping, requirements definitions, development, deployment and ongoing support.A