Job function
Senior Manager of IT
Company size
51-200 Employees
Years of experience
10+ years

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer with twenty-one years’ experience supporting systems, networks and users in a business environment with the ability to quickly become familiar with new products and technologies, an understanding of the user perspective, and communication on multiple levels of technical understanding.


• An excellent problems solver, dating back to my early days in the US Navy, I excelled in solid troubleshooting fundamentals to trace down issues even with equipment I was unfamiliar with.

• Strong systems specialist, application support, technical lead, and information systems manager with a wide array of experience.

• Extensive experience with Backend Systems including EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems) , ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems, Telecom, various Hypervisors, EMC SAN and all the Various Microsoft based Role Servers and java Middleware and Database Support.

• A long career in supporting whatever it takes to get the job done, all with security, best practices and Risk Management guiding the mission.

I have been very successful in determining needs and devising the best plan to achieve best results on time and on budget. I have been proficient in dealing with people, with personalities, in establishing a high degree of trust needed essential to attaining desired results. I have a history of good relations with clients, employers, co-workers and business partners.

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