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About me

I started my career in IT in IBM, first joining as an 'Industrial Trainee' for one year as part of my degree. As a result of this, IBM hired me as a full-time employee following my graduation.

After IBM, I moved to work for C2B2 consulting as a managed services consultant working with Oracle, JBoss and Apache middleware amongst others.

My passion is problem solving, particularly through programming and development of software, as reflected in my choice of degree specialisation. I have some experience of working with databases, including IBM DB2, PostgreSQL and MySQL.

I spent nearly three full years working with Websphere Enterprise Service Bus as part of my primary job role and have a large breadth of experience of developing solutions that make use of Websphere ESB in concert with other technologies such as Websphere MQ and DB2.

More recently, I have spent time working with Oracle Weblogic and Coherence, JBoss EAP and RHQ, and Tomcat