Job function
‎Social business consultant
Company size
10,001+ Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years
Reviews, Articles & Questions

► As a social business consultant and ‘zero email ambassador’ @ Atos I support our new way of online collaboration using Enterprise Social Networks.

Not just about technology but also about change management, teaching people to adopt and adapt to the new way of working. Acting as community manager and evangelist I make sure this new WoW is embedded in all processes throughout the organization.

► Besides Atos’ own ESN, blueKiwi, I have ample knowledge of other platforms and initiatives in the social domain as well: I am Microsoft Yammer Certified Power User, have extensive knowledge of Linkedin usage (including SSI) and have experience with Klout.

► Although I am very well able to deliver results in a one-man project I prefer to work in teams, especially those with very different kinds of people. I am eager to learn new things and always willing to share my own knowledge with team members and other stakeholders. Because my background in IT systems development I am able to retrieve the ‘question behind the question’ and translate business needs into IT specifications or process changes.

► Also: I am very much interested in and involved with the playing field between business and educational institutions. I have given various guest lectures at secondary level schools, as well as at university level. Topics included: employment in IT, usage of LinkedIn for job hunting, elementary requirements engineering etc.

► Have you read all that's stated above and are you interested in contacting me? Send me an emaill using the address below, or a (personalised) LinkedIn invite.

✉ h.c.ritzema (@)

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