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I am sure you have not tested Enteros, Inc solutions. Please visit for detailed overview of Enteros solutions.
Over 7 years ago
I have not have done comparison. If any one knows please share.
Over 7 years ago
I would be interested to learn more about this. Randy has raised some good points.
Over 7 years ago
Hello Rusty and Bill.... Enteros Upbeat and load2test are very simple uses - very agile methodology techniques for load testing. It provides comprehensive diagnostic reports, real time performance sampling and reporting, low level tracing and containment command and DBA…

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Enteros is an innovative software and services company specializing in Production Database Performance Management. Our solutions help IT find and fix database performance problems in business-critical applications with unprecedented scope, speed and precision.

We achieve this by integrating support for production database performance management across the production performance lifecycle. From proactive problem identification, real-time performance remediation, and advanced problem diagnosis, to accelerated problem resolution and scalable performance validation and load testing, we are the only company that puts it all together in one comprehensive, extensible database-centric platform. Improving your production database systems performance has an immediate impact on SLA compliance, continuous availability of overall production systems, customer retention, user experience, and bottom line results! Enteros provides quick product setup, quick problem analysis and automation, no need for infrastructure investment and will allow customers to tap into its pool of performance expert knowledge.

Companies like and Applied Materials, utilize our technology to minimize risks of running database systems in production, optimize transaction revenue and to reduce of cost of database systems ownership. .

Supported Databases include Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, DB2, SAP Sybase, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

Enteros Products

Performance Explorer-i: performance problem diagnosis for business-critical databases and database clusters

High Load Capture: performance problem diagnosis for multi-tier applications

Grid2Go: proactive, high-precision, performance problem identification and notification

DBAct: real-time performance problem containment and remediation for business-critical databases

Load2Test: performance and scalability validation with integrated load testing and root cause analysis