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Almost 7 years ago
1) Flexibility and Agility: Not to maintain Physical assets, less hassle with upgrades (faster scaling of resources, possibly able to increase resources without reinstalling, etc). 2) Financials: Lower TCO (above mentioned Capex vs. Opex, less worries with upgrade cycles,…
Almost 7 years ago
I have tried a few other vendors on the Ethernet switch market, especially HP, Huawei and SMC switches. Haven’t used Alcatel personally, but have had interesting feedback for them from colleagues. Regarding Cisco however, I believe there are three main reasons for it:…
Almost 7 years ago
Hi Craig, Just a note, Cisco does allow PoE control per port... at least on the Cisco 2960 and above (I think you're right on the small business switches, but not sure there...): Switch(config)# interface fastethernet0/2 Switch(config-if)# power inline never You…
Almost 7 years ago
Depends on the solution you are using, and the network setup... Likely, if you're setting up a remote office, you'll want to use a managed switch. If you're setting up a office for 2 people and a printer, a 20€ unmanaged switch can do the job (likely provided you…
About 7 years ago
Know what you're going to plug into it, then decide based on the supported features you need. Do you need management? Do you need PoE? Do you need to have a fiber uplink? Do you need stack support? As with most purchase decisions, knowing what are you going to use it for,…

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