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Welcome to my profile ,
My name is Steinberg Itamar ,

I Consider my self as Business Intelligence expert,
A combination between Business Development and Technological Geek.

about inflow:
we operate on the BI (business intelligence) field.
We solve data integration and BI challenges in order to bring managers a better
way to decide stuff.

we analyze whats important to the business,
business processes and kpi (key performance indicators)
and develop a custom solution for them

all that with a reasonable price tag using open source tools
and cuting edge BI software solutions .

we (And i) have a lot of experience with pentaho ETL , sisense , yellowfin bi, big data
databases and other sources.

LinkedIn -
Youtube -
Pentaho Tutorial -

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments
Big data
BI project leader at Alcatel lucent , Banc

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