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Almost 3 years ago
In fact I only apply on our DMZ firewall rules I only get the same result.
Over 3 years ago
Can I use VPN, firewall and IPS on one device (the device being FirePower2100)? izoc : Yes you can. I used all the features (I'm using FirePOWER 2100 series too)
Almost 4 years ago
I will suggest Fortigate. I have evaluated both firewall. Sophos better in price with end point protection, Fortigate better in managing bigger environment (That why we chose Fortigate). If you are passion in technology and like to play different features, Fortigate…
Over 4 years ago
Stability, traffic visibility, security, management
Over 4 years ago
I'm also evaluating firewall: Checkpoint, Fortigate, Sonicwall, Sophos, Huawei, Cisco ASA, Cisco FirePOWER, Juniper Technical spec i won't say much here, it has to depends on your need (feature to turn on), size (office/datacenter/etc) and budget. They (firewall maker)…

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