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18 days ago
Assosiated threats are many, like data loss, data exfiltración, vlan hoppin, sensible data expossure, ransomeware, etc.
18 days ago
You should build a lab, try the tools and analyze the traffic and behavior with a traffic analizer like wireshark and any sandbox or edr that shows you what the tools do, but all this should be outside your production environment, use tools that has been released by the…
About 2 months ago
I recomend the Sophos UTM
2 months ago
Over 2 years ago
try to bluid a POC for diferent needs and usid depending on the client you are bringind the show, you can built a ransomeware POC ar a phishing scenario, some time i do 2 screens one with kali, revers tcp and othe station opening a word file with a script that gives…