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2 months ago
@reviewer1389651 I believe you have misunderstood the meaning of "non-volatile" in the definition of data warehouse. If the ODS of a top-down architecture is temporally modeled, then the data captured is dynamic as data changes in the source systems. Non-volatile means that…
2 months ago
Snowflake is a columnar stored database. It is not a “data lake.”
2 months ago
Your question is one about architecture, but I see some answers about the technology.  Choosing technologies is just as critical, but to your question, @David Rossi ​has it right. It sounds like a straightforward DW requirement. With the multiple source systems and…

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With experience in data architecture for OLTP applications, business intelligence/data warehousing, data governance and master data management for a broad spectrum of industries, I offer unique insight to sound data management and data architecture practices for any business.

* Leader and mentor of database and software engineers.
* Software and database architect of systems focusing on availability, cost of ownership, compatibility, scalability, performance, and security.
* Evangelist promoting the business value of temporal relational data modeling for both OLTP and data warehousing systems, best practices in data governance, master data management and the software development lifecycle.