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CA App Test provides the ability to create tests irrespective of the platform. Then again it depends on what kind of app it is (REST, SOAP, etc) but we are good there. One caveat: We’ve given the 1-year notice on mobile app testing and starting August 2018 there will be no…
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Hi, I would recommend that this person check out BlazeMeter. They provide performance testing solutions for mobile:
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To improve their products, software development teams leverage many innovations: Agile, DevOps, big data, cloud, and mobile. Testing is part of this, and testing tool vendors. you may want to check out a Forrester report found here…

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Energetic, focused leader with significant experience implementing integrated marketing programs with small and large B2B/B2C software / technology companies and partners in the US, Europe, and Asia. Emphasis on enterprise software, SaaS/Cloud and security technologies.

My unique background in both marketing and software technologies allows me to make difficult concepts easy to understand, bridging the digital gap between senior leadership, engineering, and marketing teams. I am the author of 12 industry-relevant books, numerous white papers and web/print articles. I am a presenter at numerous global trade shows and industry forums and speak fluent Spanish.

* Creator of powerful messaging and buyer persona-based content
* Designer of integrated marketing programs
* Expert in pricing analysis and competitive analysis reports
* Builder of Channel Marketing Programs and Training
* Field marketing programs/tools development
* Manager of teams from 3 to 12
* Presenter at RSA, Gartner, Brainshare and other global conferences
* Experienced in analyst relations including Gartner, Forrester, 451 Group, and others
* Governance, Risk and Compliance expert
* iPhone/iPad app marketing consulting and strategic planning

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