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12 days ago
@Luis Apodaca  If the customer has servers at Azure and can be accessed by the internet, he needs a firewall there, VM environment. I always recommend an appliance, except when the service is in the cloud 
18 days ago
Fortigate is compatible with Azure, you can buy it on Marketplace including the license or BYOL mode. Not only Azure but also AWS, Oracle, ...
About 1 month ago
Rashid, consider Fortigate100F, instead of 100E, or, 80F. See this link:•https://markets.businessinside... ICSA Labs is an independent company that compares products, look at its website and you will have the best answer: this helps
About 1 month ago
Palo Alto, Fortinet, and Checkpoint are the best NGFW. You can choose one of them. The Fortinet advantage is the Security Fabric. Many other Fortinet's products (switches, AP, EDS, XDR, DDoS, FortiClient, etc) are integrated and a Fortigate can communicate with another…
About 1 month ago
I agree with Michael Zhang, Fortigate uses FortiSandbox when there is suspicion. FortiDDoS also is based on AI, I don't know if the DDoS Fortigate's license is based on AI