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About 1 year ago
Bearing in mind that 100% trust is impossible, it is best to get to zero trust as soon as possible within the confines of your company's risk appetite and with the best tools your company can afford.  There are many Identity and Access Management products and services out…
About 1 year ago
The premise of any effective Identity and Access Management solution is that 100% "Trust" exists.  Unfortunately, trusting someone to the "keys of the kingdom" is best left to Hollywood, while ensuring the business stays afloat in the real world requires that a robust zero…
Almost 3 years ago
I would be very curious to see what OIM can and will deliver in terms of RBAC...and hopefully, a preview into what Oracle plans to develop for dynamic role based access control.
Almost 3 years ago
I am not privy to the technical support provided by the vendor. I do, however, agree that there is consistency in the user interface.

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