John Casavant

Job function
Telecommunications Manager II
Company size
1,001-5,000 Employees
Healthcare Company
Years of experience
10+ years
Since Aug 2016, John Casavant's postings have been viewed 10 times on IT Central Station.

• Responsible for the installation and day to day operations of all telecommunications infrastructure including the cable plant, PBX equipment and related devices.
• Work closely with all areas of Information Systems as well as groups from other areas of the corporation to insure seamless integration of PBX network related devices that will connect to our corporate network.
• Perform PBX maintenance, board firmware upgrades and station programming.
• Maintain route patterns and dial plans for medical center and affiliates.
• Assist affiliates with PBX and cable related issues.
• Coordinate large projects with outside contractors/vendors and internal staff.
• Maintain cable/fiber plant and associated documentation.
• Work closely with department managers and facilities staff to insure projects, moves, and renovations are completed with minimal interruption of service.
• Designs the tel/data rooms. This would include layout of racks, paging equipment, network gear, data panels, fiber installation and Room power.
• Oversees the BIDMC Technician staff

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