301 Redirecting Multiple Sites Into One

1000 people affected
2 people managed
2 month project

Project Description

I redirected two domains (paonline.com and lion-tech.com) into netrepid.com with the assistance of Netrepid's Support Manager - Keith Hobba, a former PA Online employee - and Netrepid's Project Manager - Taylor Mercedes, a former Lion Tech employee. Netrepid formally closed on acquisitions of both of those companies in May 2013, and it took me a couple of months to fully redirect each of the websites into our primary domain.

301 redirection in and of itself is not that difficult of a programming task. When one of the websites hosts 100s of personal web spaces on subdomains and also serves as an email provider to 3000 customers, however, the task becomes a bit more challenging.

The most important step was properly identifying the topic of each page on each site to determine if there were pages on the current Netrepid website that could benefit from a 301 redirect from these older domains. Once we completed that process, all benefits of this project for SEO were complete.

And boy, did we see some SEO benefits, particularly for one of our service offerings that were offered by both companies.

Two things I didn't expect...

1 - The volume of traffic the email services would generate for our domain
2 - The volume of customer service calls we were going to receive once we made the switch.

For the remainder of the URLs, I created two Wikipedia-themed pages on our website about the acquired companies and then redirected all non-essential URLs on those domains to the pages about each company. Here are the links to those pages...

- PA Online: http://www.netrepid.com/about-us/pa-online/
- Lion Tech: http://www.netrepid.com/about-us/lion-tech/

Lessons Learned

Better coordination and communication with key stakeholders inside the company.


under budget
support from colleagues


management had to be convinced
large no. of people impacted

Technical Skills Used

  • SEO
  • Server Management
  • DNS Management
  • Harrisburg (PA-US)40.2737-76.8844
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