Juan C. Sanchez Pignalosa

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Advisor Consulting Group Corp
Since Aug 2015,
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I believe since the beginning, that digital security is a need for everybody and every company. I founded Advisor Consutling Group SAS (on my native country Colombia) with the vision of becoming one of the market leaders in IT security.

At the initial proyection, I saw the need of representing vendors, that didn't had representation on our country, and that meet the strict requirements of the market.

We started with unknown vendors, but we positioned them in huge companies and networks, since the process of vendor selection was truly deep. Nevertheless, biggest companies came to us to represent them, but we turned them down since everybody was in the same wave. We even created our own UTM/Firewall brand! It's name is Rhino Box UTM, for the robust and agile way of a Rhino to get ahead of all animals (you wont believe how fast a Rhino can be!)

We grew in 2013, and opened Advisor Consulting Group Corp in the US (Miami Florida), and we are expanding our portfolio for more quality vendors (only in the US).

Actually we only represent vendors that passes our high quality standards, that is what our customers deserve.

I'm happy with each advise I give, and with each product we sell, it is a high quality product and service for all, that i'm 100% sure.