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About 3 years ago This article explains it well.
Over 3 years ago
Hi Numi, that's correct. That is why I went a step further and talked about Synergy. Synergy has the ability to install multiple 80 drive shelves into the blade center chassis. Those 80 drives can be SSD's that are then tied back to the 3Par and everything is fully…
Over 3 years ago
HPE Synergy is a new platform that redefines automation and makes Cisco’s, EMC’s, and other hyper converged platforms obsolete. The composer module with Synergy runs OneView in a single pane of glass. It’s the new blade infrastructure from HPE that you can have a disk…
Over 3 years ago
This really depends on your server hardware. HPE has developed a new server platform called Synergy. The Synergy runs on OneView software that eliminates the need for a controller on the 3Par. It manages everything from one single pane of glass. If I was moving forward…