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About 1 month ago
Contact me at, I can get you information and a very good price on the best XDR. 
4 months ago
You'd need to break out better what you consider to be the types of insider threats. There is fraud; very different in an application system than insider activity that may be simply malicious or results in data loss. You need to identify a baseline of normal activity for…
4 months ago
The support team that stands behind the detection and response.  Is there adequate expertise and are they behind you 24x7x365?  Cynet CyOps has been there for us.
5 months ago
The rapid support and confidence of an expert team that is always there monitoring for potential unusual activity in our environment with numerous predefined playbooks that can take automated actions or the ability to create our own for unique situations. Incident view to…
9 months ago
Cynet360 with included 24x7x365 would likely keep the APT off your endpoints in the first place.
9 months ago
I like the potential for catching an unusual activity like that with our recently implemented endpoint detection tool, Cynet360.  It seems so far to have about the highest level of transparency into the endpoint with a 24x7x365 backing of monitoring.  
9 months ago
For some good information from a leading expert check out the webinar today 7/17 on Brighttalk by Alex Holden..... We have a lot of questions about the Twitter breach but not so many answers. I can tell you that similar cryptocurrency fraud campaigns are on-going on…
10 months ago
Be careful of the need to piece together multiple solutions to get the same features offered by some of the competition.  The price won't look so appealing by the time you get apples to apples comparison.