On demand delivery app for beverage company

Project Description

In 2018, I received a request from a company for on-demand delivery app development.

CocoWater initially built the store chains to distribute several options of beverage to over 10,000 customers each day. From an effort of expanding its market share, CocoWater planned to offer extra delivery services that they need a vendor to help with website and mobile app development

As a project manager, my team and I had delivered the mobile app development project within the scheduled time and budget.

The final mobile app has three versions with some changes in permission and features for customers, distributors, and shippers separately. The producers could manage orders and statistics in a central dashboard, integrated into its website.

  • The delivery platform offers CocoWater products to users with no limit in location, allowing users to control their orders and track the delivery. They can also send notifications and suggestions for placing new orders.
  • Shippers would be notified when a nearby order is placed. Also, they would be automatically suggested the best route for each order.
  • The version for distributors allows them to control inventory and orders. CocoWater can manage liability as well.
  • Dashboard for providers generates daily sales reports and distributor liabilities. They can also get in touch with customers via the loyalty program.


ahead of schedule
under budget
support from colleagues

Technical Skills Used

  • backend
  • frontend
  • PHP
  • reactJS
  • react native
  • graphic design

Interesting Documents

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