Hotel booking application center

Project Description

Hotel booking application center

The compound annual growth rate in the travel technologies market is predicted to rise over 9% from 2019 to 2023. Practically, the wanderlust lifestyle and the slow travel trend drive a competitive landscape and a worldwide growth of mobile app development in this industry. As the pioneering travel sharing platform, Splzy provides accommodation options in 173 countries. Users have an integrated portal presenting activities, hotels, and social networks to connect with locals or new partners. Splzy helps travelers find the right buddy, also minimize the cost by sharing the bills among team members, and discover cool things in every destination

The Splzy system focuses on building an advanced journey, social, and sharing application. In this project, our dedicated development team faced an interesting challenge: to suit the demands of end-users, we had to generate a huge volume of customer data. So, the AI-enabled platform is integrated to maintain and ensure the best inventory from travel providers around the world.

Lessons Learned

For all parties, the above project has divided into separate phases. In the beginning, we build an MVP with limited features. Then, the second phase came up with adding the extra value of real-time technology. Unfortunately, with budget constrain, the initial MVP might not be impressive as it deserved. If I had a chance, our development team would have convinced product owners to add more features in the MVP version. 


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