Kimberley Mitchell

Job function
Business Analyst
Company size
1,001-5,000 Employees
Financial Services Firm
Years of experience
10+ years
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A data scientist with strong skills in exploratory data analysis, graphical analysis, statistics, hypothesis testing and predictive analytics. Effectively contributed in a variety of organizations: IT departments, an on-line retail start-up, and manufacturing facilities, and recently awarded an MA in Economics (concentration in econometrics). An exceptional ability to obtain reliable solutions to real-world problems by combining domain knowledge with analytics through verifying the assumptions underlying statistical techniques and appropriate quantitative applications.
• Predictive modelling / Experimental design and analysis
• Graphical / dashboard web reporting
• Exploratory data analysis
• Data extraction / cleaning
• Technical reports / presentation
• Technical curriculum / training

• Completed predictive analytics projects as coursework for MA in Economics.
• Developed summary and detailed reports and web applications using SQL from complex databases (Oracle and SQL Server)
• Created web application graphical presentations of time series batch process data
• Designed, developed and hand-coded web user interface and relational database for e-commerce web site with administration module.
• Applied Weibull reliability statistics to design and oversee the implementation of manufacturing equipment reliability assessment and reporting program in compliance with SEMI E10 industry spec.
• Prepared and delivered 10-week course in basic statistics to operations employees.
• Conducted and published experiments comparing the particle-shedding properties of clean room glove materials and microenvironments in industry journals.
• Applied SQC processes and designed experiments to a semiconductor assembly line

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