Lea Goldberger

90 Points3 Years
Job function
VP Product Management
Company size
51-200 Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years
Company name
IT Central Station

I wake up with great passion for building great products (previously at Fiverr, BillGuard and Answers.com).

Previously VP Product Management at Fiverr.com the biggest marketplace for Digital services. I started as Director of Product and after 9 months was promoted to VP.
Managing 9 Product Managers and 6 designers (Design studio).

Previously Director of Product Management at BillGuard, a top-finance web app and mobile app.

As Director of Product management at Answers.com I lead a Top-20 US web property in areas including monetization, UX/UI, high quality UGC, Community, SEO, Social knowledge and engagement, Mobile, Video and more.

I began as a Product Manger at Answers.com.
After a couple of years was promoted to Senior Product Manager and on July 2011 was promoted again to a Director position until the closing of the IL office in July 2012.

Defined product strategy and product roadmaps. Implemented best practices for UX, monetization, SEO, social knowledge and community management.
Lead the Product team to achieve business goals through optimal execution strategies while inspiring team members to excel and shine.

Professionally managed web-designers, webmasters and Product Managers.

See recommendations below for a better impression of me.

Specialties: Strong Product Management skills.
Strong Project Management skills.
Content management (including UGC) experience.
UX/UI, SEO, Mobile expert.
Full product life cycle, Competition research and analysis, Product specification (use cases, scenarios, mrd, prd), Usability and user testing (surveys, questionnaires, interviews).
Specializes in monetized Web and Social applications and websites.
Account Management experience.
Experience with DWH & BI applications .

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments
Track website data