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3 months ago
I hope they find a good NGFW partner so they can provide full NGFW at the Edge of customer site.
8 months ago
We are working with Silver Peak, Fortinet (FortiGate and FortiAnalayzer) and also tried few other vendors.We think and knows, that’s Silver-Peak is the only End to End SD-WAN solution along with VMWare in the market. FortiGate is a FW with SD-WAN features.
9 months ago
Well with the SD-WAN raising it is common to see cloud firewall implementations, like ZScaler. but as data center firewall, I don’t see any new player comes out unless it will come with a new surprising feature as the market have so many good vendors.
11 months ago
SD-WAN comes with firewall inside the device, the issue with that Firewalls is lack of features like SSL-VPN. It is recommended to recheck management access because this device is connected directly through Internet, and make sure it is always up to date. Remember this…
11 months ago
Firewall is for security while NAT is to handle network translations All firewalls vendors do NAT, if you are an ISP/MSP/MNO it is recommend to have a device for NAT.