Maher Abdelshkour

Job function
IT Manager
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years

Total 17 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. Broad knowledge of hardware, software, and networking technologies to provide a powerful combination of analysis, implementation, and support. Experience in system and network administration and engineering, hardware evaluation, project management, systems and network security, incident analysis and recovery.

1-Unix - Linux System Administration (Debian/Red Hat)
2-IP Packet Analysis - Ethereal, tcpdump, ntop
3-Intrusion Detection - Snort/ACID, TippingPoint
4-Penetration Testing - Nessus/Nmap
5-DNS Administration (bind)
6-Apache, Asterisk, DHCP, Exim, Munin, MySQL, Postfix, SAMBA, SSH Administration
7-Cisco IOS Configuration (Netflow, ACLs, TAC+/Tacacs)
8-Citrix Metaframe Administration Intermediate
9-Sidewinder/Gauntlet Firewall Administration Intermediate
10-Sonicwall Firewall Administration Intermediate
11-F5 BigIP and 3DNS Administration
12-Subversion Change Management Administration
13-Nortel Contivity VPN Administration
14-Unix - Solaris System Administration
15-Cisco MARS Administration


Networking Hardware
Routers: Cisco (IOS, Cat OS).
Switches, Bridges, Hubs: Cisco Catalyst.

Security / Firewalls
IP Sec, VPNs, Cryptography, Key Management, AAA Model (RADIUS, TACACS), Cisco Authentication Proxy, Access Lists, IOS Firewall, 802.1x, IOS Security Features, DMZ set ups, CBAC, DoS and common threats prevention, Cisco IDS / IPS (Intrusion Detection / Prevention System), Cisco Secure ACS Server, Cisco VPN Concentrator, Cisco PIX / ASA Firewall, VPN Client, Cisco Security Manager (CSM), Cisco MARS, Cisco NAC / CANAC.

Participation in the Higher Education Technical Community
Experience with intrusion detection systems
Familiarity working with a Security Event Management product
Evaluating existing systems for vulnerabilities
Experience designing systems to meet externally defined security standards

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