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Over 3 years ago
Hi @reviewer789099 - how may I help you? Do let me know if you are faced with a challenge or just need the 'how to' about Tosca CI?
Over 4 years ago
@reviewer602958 - This can be a good start for a beginner
Almost 5 years ago
@Orlee- the result file gets overwritten each time but this does not impact our testing much as the results are only relevant for the current execution. If we still want to keep a stack of all the results then the files can be copied over to a different location.
Almost 5 years ago
Hi Edwin, Tosca CI(Continuous Integration) as the name suggest - it enables the tests to be executed directly from the build server. Which means tests can be run automatically as soon as there is a new code deployment. And after the execution has finished, Tosca CI…
Almost 5 years ago
Hi Orlee and Vaibhav, Nice to see exchange of thoughts. @Vaibhav - if you are looking to upgrade to 9.3 then I may have some essential inputs that may come in handy. Should you need any information then feel free to let me know. Best regards, Manish
Almost 5 years ago
@Shanthamurthy - the issue is particularly related to version upgrade. We were in the process of upgrading from version 9.0 to 9.3 and that's when some issues during CR restore occured. After some analysis we figured out that the schema version has changed for the recent…
About 5 years ago
Hi Orlee, Tricentis Tosca has recently worked on their runtime execution status by implementing a "Progress bar". The bar shows runtime stats about the number of test cases passsed, failed and not run in an Execution List. It also shows time lapsed and remaining time.…

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