Manuel Aguilar

Job function
Geophysical Analyst
Energy/Utilities Company
Years of experience
2-5 years
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I’m a geophysical engineer graduated with honors in Simon Bolivar University, the most prestigious university of Venezuela, my home country. I have experience in engineering, project planning and management. However, while most of my work experience has been in engineering, I have a large amount of knowledge in geophysics and geology.

In GMA Proyectos Siglo XXI I have played a key part in the development of the master plan, management indicators, plans and programs for the Operational Logistics Division of PDVSA in the Orinoco Oil belt. This project was aimed at reducing non-productive drilling time.

I also was responsible of a time study of a plant turnaround developed in Santa Barbara Gas Station in Monagas, where we analyzed all the operations the contractors performed in every main equipment in the plant. I also developed VBA based software to monitorize every plant turnaround in the future and i designed an algorithm aimed to generate project portfolios devoted to life extension of every gas processing plant in Eastern Venezuela and I was the project supervisor.

In San Diego de Cabrutica and the Petrocedeño Upgrader I developed technical scopes and was responsible for updating every piping and instrumentation diagram of Petrocedeño’s Main Station (Total, Statoil and PDVSA), so I have extensive knowledge of every process in regard to oil conditioning.

It’s important to note that even though my work experience is mostly based in engineering, during my academic formation I was selected for an exchange program and was sent for a year to the University of Oklahoma, where I specialized in unconventional reservoir analysis (developed a thesis on the woodford shale), advanced petrophysics, and 3D Reservoir modeling based in SIS, OBM and MPS. During this year i presented a poster at the SEG annual meeting: “TOC and fracture characterization of the Barnett Shale with predicted gamma ray and density porosity volumes”.

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