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Almost 4 years ago
Hi, for VPN ( dual provider/uplink balancing/full-mesh/dyn.Tunnel Endpoints/...) I would rate 9 to 10. for NGFW features I would rate 5 Regards M
Almost 4 years ago
My team has done an Endpoint Protection Solution Report. Endpoint protection solutions must constantly adapt to new threats. Without adaptation, we cannot protect users, endpoints or, ultimately, businesses. The endpoint is usually the last line of defense. This report…
About 4 years ago
Hi, from the firewall perspective both are very suiteable for your environment. From the endpoint perspective, Sophos is the solution known as an endpoint expert. They are pretty innovative in the endpoint section. Fortunes is a follower in endpoint security. Additional the…
About 4 years ago
Form technical perspective Forescout offers you the most functions already included in one server. I know other vendors charge for every small additional function. Which features/use cases do you plan to implement? Number of Clients, switches and amount of mirror traffic…
Over 4 years ago
Hi, feeling free to check our report for advanced endpoint security products. https://info.it-cube.net/reportendpoint Best practice configuration and all with the latest AI active. Samples from the wild. Regards



About 4 years ago
About 4 years ago
Network Access Control (NAC)