Marcel Hofstetter

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Oracle ACE Director "Solaris " / CEO / Enterprise Consultant
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1-10 Employees
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10+ years
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Since Apr 2016,
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Working in the IT industry for more than 30 years now. Oracle ACE Director "Solaris"
Specialized in Datacenter, Server, Solaris 11 and Virtualization technologies
Developing and selling our Deployment and Management Product: Virtual Datacenter Cloud Framework (VDCF).

Specialities: Solaris10,Solaris11, Virtualization, Zones, LDoms, VDCF, SPARC T4, T5, T7, M7,S7,T8,M8 Fujitsu M10, M12
VDCF - Makes Solaris Installation, Management and Failover easy!

Overview Video and Screencasts are available on Youtube

Future Presentations
2020 - stay tuned

Past Presentations
2019/11 - DOAG Conference, Nürnberg (2 Sessions)
2019.05 SOUG Day, Switzerland
2018 UKOUG Tech 18, Liverpool (2 Sessions)
2018 Oracle Systems & Solaris Breakfast 2018, Zürich
2018 DOAG Conference, Nürnberg (3 Sessions)
2017.12 Oracle Systems Summit, Zurich, Solaris Security
2017.12 UKOUG Tech 17, Birmingham, Solaris Security
2017.11 DOAG Conference, Solaris Security
2017.09 SOUG Day, Solaris Security
2017.04 Arrow / Solaris Security
2017.02 Webinar: Live Demo VDCF & Solaris
2016 UKOUG Tech 16, Birmingham "Increase Efficiency of Solaris Operations & Hardware Life Cycle" and "SPARC Past, Present and Future"
2016 DOAG Konferenz 2016, Nürnberg "Oracle Solaris 11 Zonen"
2016 SOUG Day 3, Baden "Migration auf SPARC M7 Server"
2016 AOUG, Wien, Anwenderkonferenz 2016 "Effizienter Hardware Life Cycle auf die neuen Oracle SPARC M7 Server "
2016 UKOUG, London, Systems Events "Increase Efficiency of Solaris Operations Hardware Life Cycle"
2016 Arrow Switzerland, "Functional and technical aspects of digital services"
2016 SOUG Day, Baden (Switzerland)
2015 SOUG SIG Infrastruktur, Baden (Switzerland)
2014 DOAG Conference Nuermberg, Germany
2014 SOUG SIG Infrastruktur, Baden (Switzerland)
2014 Oracle TechDay Vienna, Austria
2013 DOAG Conference Nuermberg, Germany
2013 Oracle OpenWorld, San Francisco
2013 SOUG Baden, Switzerland
2012 DOAG Conference Nuermberg, Germany
2012 SOUG Baden, Switzerland