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5 days ago
@Dawid Van Der Merwe @Tjeerd Saijoen ​'s response is spot on. I was a New Relic customer many years ago. It's what I used prior to Dynatrace. I do not see any compelling reason to POC it again at this time.
7 days ago
While the environment does matter in the selection of an APM tool, I prefer to use Dynatrace to manage the entire stack. Both production and Dev/Test. I find it to be quite superior to anything else on the market today.
2 months ago
Dynatrace is my only APM and has been for 3 years now.
About 3 years ago
Well said and fully agreed.
About 3 years ago
I highly recommend doing a trial with both. In my experience, Dynatrace is much easier to set up and manage. It gives a much broader overview of your environment. I can’t speak to current costs but when I did my evaluation, Dynatrace was also cheaper. Hands down, the best…
Over 5 years ago
We haven't upgraded yet and are still doing testing of the Enterprise version. So far, we haven't uncovered anything we can't handle. I do prefer the way MSFT is doing updates now. From a UE perspective, I do not see moving to Win10 from Win7 to be a negative for my users…
Almost 6 years ago
Almost 6 years ago
The ability to monitor everything across the stack.

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