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Over 3 years ago
In my opinion, there should be no expense spared for protecting the companies data. I've used many solutions, and only one was open source. That was Bacula and I was only using it for Linux. Since there was no support, configuring took a lot of time and had to be manually…
Almost 5 years ago
Without knowing the configuration of the systems to be backed up, it would be difficult to give pros and cons to the different solutions. Virtual or Physical, how much data, what type of data, what type of storage are you backing up to, do you need this data replicated off…
Over 5 years ago
I'm getting about a 20:1 on my DD2500. It all depends on what types of files are being backed up. Some are better at deduping than others. Graphics and Videos are lousy at deduping, but other files are really good.
Almost 6 years ago
I didn't create a true RFP but here are some of the things that were important to me when designing a new backup solution. 1. Speed of backup 2. Speed of restore 3. Level of restore - full, incremental, partial, file level, mail level version mail store level 4.…

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