About me

Passionate technologist, development team leader, and broadly experienced software engineering executive with a zeal for lifelong learning. Past development project experiences include governance and compliance management systems, mobile device management, vulnerability management software-as-a-service, web service/SOA management, and remote distributed surgical diagnostic medicine. Introduced Extreme Programming (XP) practices at a large enterprise software vendor which led to creation of a prototype in under a month, and a production release in less than 3 months. Coached geographically distributed development teams in the financial services and media verticals which improved both schedule delivery reliability and software quality. Managed teams using a wide variety of technology stacks including: Ruby/Rails, .Net, Java, Functional JVM languages (Scala, Clojure,) SQL (Oracle, MSSQL), NoSQL (Redis, ElasticSearch, Mongo, Neo4J)

I'm looking for opportunities that allow me to lead teams in delivering highly reliable software systems which delivers business value to clients or customers through a collaborative, agile approach. My experience is heavily laden with guiding teams using traditional (waterfall) methods through the journey to adopting agile values and practices.

Specialties: software team management, agile software development, agile team transformation, process improvement, Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), SDLC, Team Building, Collaboration and Facilitation, C, C#, Java, Linux/Unix, Mobile Development