Michele Vecchiato

Job function
Certified Unix System Administrator
Company size
1,001-5,000 Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years
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20 years in IT complex environments where i gradually covered more roles and responsibilities. I work in TI.IT (is one of the largest IT in EU), "The IT Company" of the TI Group Corporation (fully owned by TI), on "IT Infrastructure Data Center North East - Delivery & Operations" division (I.DC/NE.DO). I'm Padova's DC Delivery Manager for Oracle/Sun server farm. Primary role on the strategic infrastructure project as:

►Next Generation Data Center (NGDC), the Telecom Italia Private Cloud (IaaS)
►"Ced-1","PetaMeno","UnixMeno": server & storage optimization and consolidation project.
►DBaaS, the Telecom Italia Private "Database as a Service" Cloud

Archived more (money) saving. ICT Infrastructure Mgmt (Design, Planning, Deployment, Operations and Technical Support). Occasionally i also did the Solaris teacher (for internal training). Unix "on call" support. Also, i proved my technical knowledge working as a "fire fighter" in Solaris server escalations.

I'm a fan of "WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER" motto :-) and i have large dreams...
My goal is to be better (if not one of the best) in these job-roles.

►Solaris Solution Architects & Certified Oracle Exadata Implementation Specialist
►SPARC High End HW Admin (Legacy as SF6900, SF12/15/E20/E25K and new M-series as M5K,M9K and T-series as T4-x,T5-x) and obsolete Sun HW (as Vx80,Vx90,Vx40,Ex500)
►Solaris SysAdmin (rel.8,9,10,11), server consolidation with Containers, Zones and LDOMs virtualization technology. Solaris patching with 3PP tools, as Patch Check Advanced (PCA).
►Solaris Hardening with Solaris Security Toolkit (SST aka JASS)
►IaaS Cloud Management Specialist with Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Ops Center (OC) and Legacy Farm with Sun Management Center (SunMC)
►Remote Automatic Services Monitoring (Oracle ASR,SDP,VOP)
►OSS / BSS Systems Administrator (/// AXE)
►Virtualization Tech. as WPAR (IBM AIX 6/7.x), NPAR,VPAR and VMGUEST (HP-UX)

Views expressed are my own and don't express TI's views

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments
Telecom Italia Private DBaaS Cloud Infrastructure

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