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We have developed very comprehensive, extremely scalable and intelligent enterprise network management and monitoring solution - Enigma NMS.

Enigma provides network professionals with complete view of entire network, server and application activity regardless of the size and complexity. Unlike other monitoring tools Enigma uses one server to monitor the entire network infrastructure and stores the data in its original granularity in its highly efficient industry standard MYSQL database. It is quite common to have a single Enigma server monitoring a global network of hundreds of thousands of interfaces every 60 seconds. Data collected by Enigma is stored for up to 12 months with no roll up or averaging. Enigma will be your main source of network truth, which you can rely upon in your operational and business decisions.
Enigma built-in, automatic and pro-active data analytics allow effective extraction of the most important information from the vast amount of network data exposing areas, which need immediate attention or suffer from performance bottlenecks.

Packet Pushers Podcast:
ENIGMA NMS – Network Management – The Engineers Monitoring System from NETSAS Australia

Enigma NMS comfortably scales to:

20,000+ network nodes
500,000+ network interfaces
100,000+ OIDs
100,000+ QoS Classes
20,000+ IP SLA Pobes
10000+ Telco Services
1000+ servers and apps

Please note: All above is monitored from the Single Server with 60 seconds graphs without roll-up.

Enigma NMS Introduction - http://netsas.com.au/home/
Enigam NMS Features - http://netsas.com.au/enigma-features/
Downloads - http://netsas.com.au/downloads/
Live Demo - http://netsas.com.au/screenshots/
Pricing - http://netsas.com.au/pricing/

Our solution is a real deal and it has been deployed in various companies and government agencies in Australia and around the world.

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