1000 people affected
2 people managed
12 month project

Project Description

As a senior Mendix developer, I worked at the Gappless SaaS Mendix application for a little over a year.

The Gappless platform facilitates the coordination of everything involved in infrastructure/construction projects. The SaaS platform, therefore, integrates with a native iOS application.

My role within the development team was to work on:
- JavaScript development (e.g. custom widgets)
- Integration with the iOS application
- Integration with third party systems
- Close cooperation with the lead architect to implement new features
- Maintenance/deployment of the application
- Facilitate testing
- Java development (e.g. Java actions, request handlers, custom integration solutions)
- Theming with LESS (CSS2/3)

The Gappless project has been built on the Mendix platform, using the modeler and the cloud environment to run the application.

Lessons Learned

betMore in depth planning and 


ahead of schedule
under budget
support from colleagues
agile prototyping
interesting challenges

Technical Skills Used

  • Mendix
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Less
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • DOJO
  • jQuery
  • Webservices

Technical Certifications Used

  • Mendix Rapid Developer
  • Amsterdam (NL)52.3744.88969
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