KwikFit Point of Sales (POS)

1600 people affected
4 people managed
25 month project

Project Description

To keep up with modern needs, Kwik-Fit decided to renew it's 30-year-old POS application from DOS to the Web.

The application is used in all the Kwik-Fit centers in the Netherlands. It integrates with the ERP (Microsoft AX), a custom built web shop and Mendix application for Product Information Management (PIM). 

As a junior Mendix developer working for Magnus I started on the Kwik-Fit project. I worked together with a team of developers at that time both from Magnus and Mendix. In the application I worked on all area's of the application:
- Integration (SOAP web-services, Database replication)
- Domain model design
- Security
- JavaScript/CSS
- Java custom actions
- etc.

Once Mendix transferred the project responsibility to Magnus I was already in the role of lead developer. After a couple of months, I also took the technical project lead and managed both the application development and the key users. I was a stake holder in the national role out to all of the Kwik-Fit centers and did a load test once the application was growing more mature.

I worked for two years on the continued development of the Kwik-Fit POS application.

To read more about the application and the business case click the following URL:

Lessons Learned

When this project started the initial requirements where to rebuilt the existing application in Mendix form. However along the way it became clear that there were more requirements that were not investigated. Initially they were being discussed in large groups but this stalled progress greatly. When the groups were reduced and more prototyping was applied with continues testing it improved the progress of the development.


received a promotion
high adaption by users


equipment incompatibility
cost overrun
hard to meet schedule

Technical Skills Used

  • Mendix
  • SQL
  • JavaScript
  • DOJO
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Java
  • Webservices

Technical Certifications Used

  • Mendix Rapid Developer
  • Naarden (NL)52.29585.1625
  • Harderwijk (NL)52.34175.62083
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