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Over 1 year ago
IA is a combination of technologies such as RPA AI,NLP, Intelligent OCR, computer streamline the processes from end to end. RPA takes the robot part from human work ;however, IA will be needed to handle the cognitive part of the work to ensure business…
About 2 years ago
-Data Entry -Email reading -Data monitoring for payments -Shipment status What made it simple is rule base, low number of application, no Citrix, no handwritten, no exceptions. Based on my experience, the easiness comes from the type of processes itself and not from…
Over 2 years ago
We have used UiPath to Automated some of the financial processes like daily sales report and bank reconciliation for one of our clients and it went very well. I am not familiar with BP ,yet I believe both tools are good.. as Said UiPath is a robust and easy to use tool…