Neal Burnham

Job function
Sr. QA Engineer
Company size
1,001-5,000 Employees
Tech Vendor
Years of experience
10+ years
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SEEKING: Software Quality Assurance for leading Windows based products with an emphasis on automation.

Anacomp Corporation 08/07-09/09
Wilmington, MA
Sr QA Engineer
Develop test harnesses for CaseLogistix, a powerful data mining, ware-housing and document production suite of Windows applications providing litigation support for the legal community: specifically the CaseLogistix Desktop, WayPoint and CaseProduction applications. Write testplans in Silk Central and functional regressions in SilkTest, ATF and other tools with an emphasis on optimizing the underlying SQL backend, the WCF and WPF Microsoft technologies, .net technologies, dtSearch and Anacomp’s Web based product. Perform manual QA and participate in code reviews. Construct complex SQL test libraries. Evaluate the leading competitors: Concordance, KCura etc. Active participation in design meetings with the development and product management teams: writing TRDs, manuals, release notes and other documentation as needed. Build out the QA environment with VM Ware, ESX machines, Citrix Presentation Manager, Junit, the Silk suite, Team Track, Bugzilla, and Svn source control. Participate in scoping efforts for Windows 7 and manage off-shore QA efforts. Manage unattended regression tests. Design and implement the product localization of the CaseLogistix Desktop to French leading to a successful sale to the McArthur-Tétraut law firm of Québec. Lead effort to validate the product’s Unicode support, both for East Asian languages and complex right to left scripts such as Hebrew and Arabic. Support the technical support group on an as needed basis.

BioDefense Corporation 10/05-8/07
Lexington, MA
Technology Specialist
Startup Homeland Security firm.
• Develop and implement the test plan for the MailDefender, a security device which decontaminates the mail from anthrax and other biological and chemical agents. Develop regressions in QTP.

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments
AutoDesk Dynamo project QA

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