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Ned joined Jackson in October of 2016 as the Manager of Release Coordination. Shortly after joining he was asked to also manage the Metrics and Forecasting team.

Ned’s background is diverse in that he has worked in all areas of IT. He started in development and quickly moved to Technical Services. From there he moved to management wherein he oversaw Data Centers and Technical Services.

In 1986 an audit finding led Ned to develop a Change Management process and CICS system that enabled him to track and report on all changes flowing through the data center. In conjunction with IBM this process was soon turned in to an educational offering. That led to Ned being asked to share his experiences as a speaker at several IBM Conferences.

In 2005 Ned was hired by BCBSM develop, implement and staff Change, Release, Test Environment Management, Quality Assurance and Technical teams.
Once the teams were established Ned and his Release and Technical teams developed an in-house Release Management tool. That tool ended up being a template that Computer Associates used as they developed their DevOps tools.

In his spare time Ned is a musician. For the past 30 years his band Red Ryder has opened or worked with many national artists in country music. In addition he also does freelance work in the studio.

Ned lives in Clarkston, Michigan and has 3 children and 3 grandchildren.