Rewiring and Expansion of Intermediate Distribution Frames (IDF's)

Project Description

Tasked with updating and replacing IDF's in the Industrial environment.  Outgrew wall mounted cabinets and needed to swap them out for floor mounted 72" NEMA racks.

- Had to map out each cable in use and label all active ones for connection to the new rack.

- Tested each cable (Over 200+) for each location and labeled them accordingly with VLAN and port on existing switch.

- Removed all cabling from current racks while de-tangling and separating active to unused cabling.

- Swapped out the old wall mount cabinets to full size racks and remounted all switches and fiber bulkheads.

- Rolled back unused cabling into rafters and installed all the active cabling into the new IDF.

- Configured all ports to match VLAN of each active cable.

- Verified count of active before and after project.

Lessons Learned

Get the funding to remove all the old cabling back to the end user location.


under budget
support from colleagues


large no. of people impacted
hard to meet schedule
  • Dallas (TX-US)32.7831-96.8067
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