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Almost 4 years ago
Have you looked at PacketFence? Once a few years ago they offered my org a turn-key install at a fraction of what a Cisco NAC solution costs. It was less than 20k if memory serves. Unlimited IP count.
Almost 5 years ago
Luciano, thanks for the kind comments on my review. IT Central Station asked me to comment on the Fortigate product and I tried to give it a fair but firm evaluation of my user experience to date. I'm glad you found it useful.
Over 5 years ago
ASA's suffer from what I call 'the bolt on'. It's tragic but true. PaloAlto designed their hardware around their software with flow of process in mind. Cisco just keeps going out, acquiring somebody doing security software in a new and innovative way and then integrating the…
Over 6 years ago
I find PfSense to be just what it claims to be. An enterprise class firewall for the world to enjoy for free! It has all the features and none of the costs. If you understand network engineering concepts, PfSense is your "Swiss-Army-Knife" Need a firewall? PfSense Need to…
Over 6 years ago
I administer a set of PA3020's. Wildfire is a protection feature which helps organizations defend against zero day exploits. It's checking hashes of files as they flow through the unit. If the hash observed is unrecognized, it's sent to the PA cloud for analysis. Within…
Over 6 years ago
krishnaraj Raveendran Nair, agreed this would be a good model for the listed requirements. However if the desktop form factor was a requirement, I'd recommend considering FG-92D. This model…