List Management and Prospect Pool Creation for Marketing

Project Description

List Management & Prospect Pool Creation for Marketing Punch

Adroit developed a new single customer view (SCV) for Marketing Punch, the provider of online acquisition data to UK, French and Australian markets.  The SCV matches various data sources together, allowing MP sales teams access to an extensive range of data for supply on to Marketing Punch’s end customers. The new system has a front-end access using Apteco’s FastStats system and SQL Server back end.  MatchIT technology is used to develop matching keys over 50m+ incoming records each week.  The system is hosted in a secure class 1 Data Centre.

Marketing Punch has a range of websites collecting lifestyle and competition data on behalf of an extensive portfolio of brands and organisations. It provides over 100,000 targeted leads a month with appropriate customer permissions for follow-up, and has a range of email marketing services. MD & Founder Charles Haynes said: “We are working with the team at Adroit again due to their technical expertise, flexible approach and detailed knowledge of our business. They have developed and implemented the solution very quickly.”

Lessons Learned

We noted that there was a technology time processing overhead on such large data volumes, and we have had to rewrite the ETLs and processes to achieve operationally acceptable build times for the solution.  We note that physical environments far out perform virtual environments of "equivalent" resource for these techologies, albeit there is a higher ongoing cost to maintaining these.


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